If somebody asked you, “what’s the last thing you need at this moment”… indeed, you likely wouldn’t have a quick answer since that is not a usual question. However, figuring you are here answering “a broken heater,” would be the correct answer!

This is particularly evident if you’re a commercial business owner, and this is a discussion regarding a broken commercial heater. You have enough to stress over without being worried about losing business on account of an HVAC issue. In any case, if you disregard repair requirements, you could positively wind up with a broken HVAC system. 

Although, It is always intelligent to check for a few signs to ascertain if you require an HVAC repair. Once you become mindful of these heating repair signs, kindly give a call to your nearby HVAC company for HVAC Repair in Sugar Land, TX, to examine and repair your system rapidly. 

  • Cool/Lukewarm air from the vents 

There are various manifestations you can run over with a commercial heater that is relatively unobtrusive. However, cold air emerging from your vents when that heater is on is an undeniable sign something isn’t right. 

Without a thermostat malfunction, you could be coming across an issue of fuel combustion, leaking ductwork, or maybe even decreased airflow/loss of pressure that is introduced as lukewarm air. 

  • A sharp spike in utility bills 

The odds are that any alterations in your utility bills may go undetected, contingent upon how high your overhead costs generally run every month. Although, it is always suggested to investigate your utility bills during the season explicitly. 

Is it safe to say that they are essentially higher than they were this equivalent time a year ago? Suppose the climate doesn’t represent this differentiation being used; also, there’s no high requirement of your heater (for example, a considerable number of building tenants and less equipment could both record for more warmth use). In which case, there is a possibility that your heating system isn’t functioning as productively or successfully as it used to be and needs repair—or perhaps replacement. 

  • Detection of burning odors 

This should never be left unnoticed. For one thing, contingent upon the nature of your commercial space, this could highlight various issues—an electrical problem, an overheating piece of commercial equipment, or an issue with your heater. 

It is entirely expected to identify a slight burning odor when the heater is turned on for the very first time in the winter. This directly results from residue burning off the heating components and the smell clearing its path through the vents. This far into winter, however, you should not smell this. If you continue to smell this burning odor even later, then this could be an alarming sign that your HVAC system needs repair.

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