Not only does the air conditioner make you comfortable, but it also helps maintain your health throughout the extreme temperatures of Texas. Nothing can be as annoying as AC malfunctioning or not working at all in the dead of summer. In urgent situations, you might not get enough time to research various AC services and their cost before getting your service done.

You might get concerned without knowing the actual costs of an AC service in Sugar Land. Not being sure of the charges, it can be pretty intimidating to have AC technicians at your doorstep already! However, we’ve got you covered with different kinds of AC repairs and their cost.

Types of AC repairs and their costs

  • Refrigerant leak detection and repair

Firstly, the ac technicians will examine where the leak is and whether it needs a leak test or not. Secondly, they will measure the extent of the leak and what actually needs a repair. On average, a refrigerant leak test and repair can cost you anywhere between $150 to $500, depending on how accessible the leak is. 

If any confusion persists, feel free to ask for a walkthrough of the whole process.

  • Thermostat replacement

Malfunctioning or worn-out thermostats are usually the root cause of many breakdowns. Thus, replacing it with a new thermostat is the best way to address the issue. Depending upon the type of thermostat you choose, it can cost you about $200 and $550. For example, the latest smart thermostats can cost you way more than a traditional thermostat. Thankfully, most latest thermostats are energy efficient and help you get payback on your investment.

  • Capacitor replacement

A capacitor or contactor replacement is the best option when your AC unit is just a few years old. Yes, instead of spending a hefty amount on a new AC unit, a new capacitor will only cost you $250 to $350, and a contractor can cost a little less, about $150 – $350. Also, these are the most typical repairs you can get for your air conditioner.

  • AC circuit board replacement

Sometimes an AC service in Sugar Land can be more extrinsic than the unit itself. Yes, there are many instances when your AC’s circuit board needs to be replaced. Depending on the brand and model of your air conditioner, a new circuit board can cost you around $450 to $1300.

  • Air conditioning fan motor replacement

If your AC unit is just a few years old and you don’t feel the need to replace it with a new one, try upgrading the inner elements. A fan motor replacement can cost you anywhere between $500 and $1200. The fan motor is an essential part of an air conditioner and can make your AC energy efficient through a replacement.

A routine AC repair in Sugar Land can enhance your AC’s longevity and save you money. If you are looking for an AC service at reasonable prices, you can trust Mega A/C Cooling & Heating. We provide the best quality ac servicing, including inspection, cleaning, health check, and flushing in Sugar Land, TX, and surrounding areas. Call us at 281-774-8669 today!

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